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Romaine Head's Awesome Art

Cleveland, OH


Hello Art Lovers!

Romaine here! I finally found a venue that I can share my passion. Come with me as I grow. Some of you been with me since I discovered or shall I say RE-discovered my passion of Art. I believe this time it found me and pulled me back to where I actually belong.

I've always been interested in anything artistic, from Michael Angelo to Vincent Van Gogh, who is my most favorite artist. I also love writing but decided to make Art a priority, apparently Art decided to make me it's priority as well. I started drawing and painting as a youngster but as I got older I suppressed it and decided to become a teen-ager instead and forgot about my love until right after high-school. I wanted to go to Pratt Institute but I was told that it was TOO expensive to attend. Boy was I bummed out about it! So again, Art was suppressed and was only let out in a myriad of different emotions as a way to release them. I did live in New York for a bit just to get the feel of it and was able to visit The Museum of Modern Art...So the passion never let me go, no matter what I did, I just let obstacles get in my way.

I recently had decided to go to University of Phoenix for Web Design and Graphics, had a heart attack and yet again...another set back. After getting better and recovering (still) I decided to finish and I got my degree. Getting the degree unlocked all that was suppressed and it poured out like a faucet. My muse, which is known as 'The BaldHeadChic Collection' Showed itself upon purchase of an Ipad and downloading apps for Art. For me, it was perfect and there wasn't a mess to clean up. TheBaldHeadChics exist because there is such a fixation of appearance from today's world. So every night, I had painted at least 3 to 4 ladies. My best friend died of Cancer, so I also feel the ladies were created because of her. I remember It took a long time to free her of her lovely colored scarves and wigs before she left us. I also thought of women who have Alopecia, who are bald and thought about Art for them. I also incorporate men as well.

The uniqueness about my artwork is that it's all created and painted digitally on a IPad using different ART apps and incorporating graphics into the artwork. None of these pieces are done physically. That means no mess and clean up for me! I do paint on physical canvas, but for now this is new and creative for me. I'm sure that there will be other works, but for now? I am pouring out what wants to come out. I hope you enjoy them as much as I love creating them.



BaldChicSpring by Romaine Head


BaldHeadKickinIt by Romaine Head


BaldHeadLove by Romaine Head


HippyChic by Romaine Head


PeacefulChic by Romaine Head


LupitaGoldenChic by Romaine Head


TheJazzSingerChic by Romaine Head


LupitaWinsChic by Romaine Head


OrangeWaveChic by Romaine Head


PianoChic by Romaine Head


JazzInTheSky by Romaine Head


Angels Exposed by Romaine Head


Believe by Romaine Head